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Sconto apis darkorbit

sconto apis darkorbit

of elite shield a lot of speed generators apis zeus, 8 iris, 10 havoc, 2 hercules, 6 spartans, 2 silver deamons repair credits 5700, jump credits 630 all best. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. exp, MMO over credits, 200k uridium premium till!

sconto apis darkorbit

DarkOrbit, join the intergalactic struggle for control of the galaxy Engage the thrusters and prepare for battle in the free space MMO.
Team up with millions of space pilots for a bitter fight to the end.

I'm a returning player, the last time I played was maybe 4-5 years ago. Global america 4 level near to 20, VRU,.500.000.000 exp 900.000 laser seprom! The account is worth more than.000 euro at MegaHappyHour (not to mention the time spend on it, account from 2010 january) based on real calculation of this thread or codice promozionale nespromo up here. PET Gear: Cargo Trader lv3, Resource locator lv3, 2x Pet repairer lv3, kamikaze lv3, Enemy locator lv3, 2x Auto-resource collector lv3, Auto-looter lv3, Combo ship repair lv3, Combo guard mode lv3. Vengeance: Lightning, Pusat and Revenge etc. Rocket ammo: PLT-2021-.000, PLT, PLD-8- 110,000, wiz-x- 921, IC3-.970, herlstorm01- 100,000, sar-2- 112.000, Mines: ACM-01-.000, EMP-01-1600, SAB-M01-300, DD-M01-5700 SL-M01- 4,200, IM-01-1960 payment trough Western Union, MoneyBookers, Bank Transfer price: 150 euro promotion price: 200 euro. Galaxy gates: over.500 extra energy, Alpha gate and Hades gate open PET level 15 Laser-, gear- and protocol slots all open 6 generator slots and 4 gear slots open. Modules: 7x XPM-1, 5x repm-1, 2x RAM-MA, 3x LTM-MR, 2x LTM-LR, 2x LTM-HR, 1x hulm-1, 4x honm-1, 3x dmgm-1, 3x defm-1. Global Europe 1 level 22, VRU, chief of major Vengeance all from auction (pusat, adept, avenger, corsair, lightning, revenge) tartarus. Hellstorm Launcher LVL 16 Apis, Zeus Lvl 16, 8 iris lvl 16 Vants 10 Spartan, 10 Hercules, 16 Havoc, many new designs of vants ammo:.000.000 x2.000.000 x3.000.000 sab1.000.000 x4 Job100 400.000 rb-214.100.000 ubr.000 pld8 100.0.000 Sar-02 150.000 ice rocket.